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Ultrasonic gravitational flow meter for waters and waste waters


The subject of our offer is an ultrasonic flow meter FLOWBOX intended for measuring momentary and total flow of the liquid in gravitational channels, with the use of measuring flume or measuring weir, basing on ISO standard or UNIKLAR-77 cataloque. Upon request, it’s also possible to carry out pre-investment technical consulting, as well as subsequent installation, launching* and protocol-based delivery of flow meter for the use.

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  FLOWBOX flow meter data sheet
  FLOWBOX flow meter manual
  declarations of conformity


FLOWBOX flow meter in basic performance consists of:

  1. M1600 Transmitter
  2. Ultrasonic level sensor SPA

Measurement of the liquid flow is carried out based on the rising element:

  1. Palmer-Bowlus measurng flume
  2. Venturi measurng flume
  3. Parshall measurng flume
  4. Measurng weir

FLOWBOX measuring set design


Described measurement of the liquid flow, based on ISO standard or UNIKLAR-77 cataloque, with an ultrasonic flow meter FLOWBOX, is currently one of the most popular and proven methods for measuring liquid flow in the gravitational channels, which has been used on the market for many years now. Every year, several hundred of new locations are equipped with the flow meters FLOWBOX manufactured by us, which in great majority successfully fulfil assumed measuring functions. The basis of operation of the flow meter FLOWBOX is the measurement of ultrasonic beam passage time between the ultrasonic sensor and the surface of dammed up liquid by one of the standardized damming elements (measuring flume or measuring weir), on the basis of which the level of liquid’s damming up is determined, and then – after using appropriate conversion formula – current flow rate of the liquid is determined.

The basic condition for the use of this method is to provide laminar flow of the liquid through damming element (e.g. measuring flume) and to ensure free unhindered outflow.

The ultrasonic method used for measurement has many advantages – among others, it enables the lack of direct contact of the measuring sensor with contaminated or aggressive medium.

Exemplary instalations of our FLOWBOX flow meters

Flowmeter in IP66 cabinet
ZPB flume in a well
M1600 Transmitter
Palmer Bowlus flume ZPB100 with an ultrasonic flow meter
FLOWBOX flow meter sheltered in a protective cabinet
Venturi flume while operating
FLOWBOX flow meter with a data recorder in a cabinet
Measurign weir in a well


  • Readout: momentary flow rate, total flow rate
  • Current outputs: 0-20mA, 4-20mA
  • Impulse output - adder
  • Digital outputs RS232C/485 - Modbus
  • Supply: ~230 V, 50 Hz or battery supply
  • Power input <10 VA
  • Ambient temperature: - transmitter: -10 do +55 C, sensor:-30 do +60 C
  • Housing protection rating: - transmitter: IP65, sensor: IP65 (na życzenie IP68)
  • Housing material: - tramsmitter: ABS, sensor: PVC
  • Weight: ~1,5kg
  • Narrow ultrasonic beam
  • Measuring range: 0-1,8m
  • Sensor accuracy: ± 0,25% of measuring range
  • Automatic temperature compensation


Depending on a local needs or requirements the basic performance of FLOWBOX flow meter can be enriched with many optional addittions. Inter alia we recommend:

  • Waterproff veriosn (IP68) of ultrasonic sensor
  • Additional "backward" sensor
  • Operating hours counter and battery backup
  • Local data logger module
  • Remote data transmission module (based on GSM technology or radio transmission)
  • Protective IP66 thermostatic cabinet with accessories
  • Rack (stainless steel) or pedestal for protective cabinet
  • Additional qualitative measurement of a parameter of the liquid flowing through the flume or measuring weir (pH, oxygen, redox, conductivity)*
  • Battery version, possibility to support it with a solar**
  • Other

FLOWBOX flow meter in a battery version with a solar support

FLOWBOX flow meter wita a local data logger module

Remote data transmission module with flow meter